the beginning

if you want to hack,you need to know the consiquences of it. if your caught hacking,you can get in pretty tough poop.
ok,past that.


open up the command prompt (start->accessories->command prompt. if doesn't work, start->run then type cmd into the box).
open up the notepad (start->accessories->notepad).
type 'ping' without the '' replace your with your desired site.
for example, ping .
then save the notepad as a batch file (.bat)
close the command prompt and locate the batch file on your desktop. type in for example 'ping'. press enter.
wait and type in the code for example here is a list of codes:
addictinggames -
facebook -
thats the basics of pinging!
 now for the real stuff, for changing stuff on accounts such as a school teacher or student. this may not work though...Here are steps to disable a password.

1.      Click Start.

2.      Click Control Panel.

3.      Click Power Options.

4.      Click on “Require Password on Wakeup” on the left pane.

5.      Select the option “Don’t require a password.”

Note: when your computer wakes from sleep, anyone can access the data because the computer isn’t locked.keep this in mind ,for your fellow friends may do the same to you as who you've done it to.

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